A Great Guide When Choosing Balloons For Your Child's Birthday Party

Posted on: 13 September 2018

If you're getting ready to celebrate your child's birthday, you'll need the right party decor. Birthday balloons are an important part of this decor, and choosing the right set can be an easy process if you remember this buying guide.


Birthday balloons now come in all sorts of themes, from superheroes to cartoons. Which theme is right for your child's birthday? You should start by considering your child's gender. For example, girls probably will prefer balloons that are more feminine—with pink colors and princesses. 

Conversely, if you have a boy, they'll probably want something that's a little more masculine and action-oriented. Some great balloon themes to consider for boys include dinosaurs, knights of the round table, and military, just to name a few. 

When trying to select a balloon theme, also keep in mind your child's age. You need to choose something age-appropriate that they'll be receptive to.


Much like birthday balloon themes, there are many types of balloons you can choose for your child's birthday party. These include air-filled, helium, foil, and metallic balloons. Air-filled balloons come in a lot of shapes and sizes but really shine if you don't want them floating in the air.

If you do want the birthday balloons to float, then helium balloons are ideal. Foil balloons are extremely durable, perfect for outdoor birthday celebrations. Finally, metallic balloons are great because of their reflective material. They'll stand out right away and come in so many different styles.


Today, there are many places you can purchase birthday balloons. Many parents prefer to purchase from online sellers as it's extremely convenient and enables them to find the best prices. If you take this route, make sure the seller is reputable and consistently produces high-quality birthday balloons. 

You also have the choice to purchase birthday balloons from party shops. They give you a lot of variety and can even customize your birthday balloons with unique logos and graphics. These party shops may charge a little bit more compared to online providers. 

Ultimately, try finding a seller who offers balloons that match your budget and overall vision for your child's birthday party.

Your child only gets so many birthday parties before they have to grow up, so you want them to be special. A huge aspect of these celebrations is the balloon choice you go with. Take your time assessing important details of this transaction. Then, the balloons you choose will work perfectly and make this special day even better for your child.